KLENKA brings Nintex’s brilliant bundle of solutions that will help your organization achieve Process Excellence. Enjoy the benefits of the best Robotic Process Automation platform employed by over 8000 high-end customers including Amazon, McDonalds, LinkedIn, as well as several Government institutions in USA, Australia and more.

Process Management and Intelligent Automation of Workflow for entire business lines as made at:

Achieve 24/7 responsiveness of all your staff by the personalized Mobile App that makes the platform “fun to use” at all times.

Reap the fruits of Information evolution. Save time, optimize processes for best value added, eliminate bottlenecks and catch up with the Digital Transformation wheel.

Visualize your processes and let everyone share. Generate documents and disseminate to all related personnel and systems with a click. Obtain approvals with electronic signature.

All of this, comes in a subscription based Cost-by-usage with various plans suitable for every business and organization size.



Workflow Automation with KLENKA-Nintex

Have your entire business lines complex processes automated within days, in a Drag-and-drop-fashion. There is no limit to what can be done next to make your organization a truly efficient enterprise.

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Botflow Automation with KLENKA-Nintex

All sci-fi stories since the down of entertainment led to this moment. Your repeated, redundant and routine jobs are finally lifted off the back of your talented people

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