With KLENKA-Nintex, Your organization's workflows that require decision making on high-value processes can be automated with ease, rapidly and accurately. Obtaining approvals has never been easier through the brilliant Nintex Forms, documents generated automatically in a click to gather customer information and feed back, process claims and requests, and even issue entire contracts and sign it on click with Nintex Doc Gen. Have your entire workflow, no matter how complex it may be, crystal-clear visible so as to detect bottlenecks and identify areas of improvement given each activity's time and cost. This is possible through the top application in its class, Nintex Promapp.

The beautiful side of the automation project is that your Non-IT business users will automate their own processes themselves in an easy Drag-and-drop fashion. Furthermore, they will constantly be improving their own processes adding notes and highlights for improvements. Business users will feel engaged, sense the beauty of the edge of technology. When the setup is done, we, IT folks, can commence our coding to add further features such as mobile apps.

Nintex integrates with every known system, application and platform be it OS, CRM, ERP or whatever system structure do you have. All by a Drag-and-Drop. There are various pricing schemes to suit the work load of your organization based on the number of workflows or the size of the organization whichever suites your needs. All these benefits can be seen first hand within days, not months or years like any other automation solutions in the world. Your value is captured instantly.