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We are proud to work with some of the smartest minds and best companies in the world.

Some of our partnerships are the result of long term relationships and we are always looking for new relationships with new partners passionate for success as much as we are.

Why Us..!?

In the Information Age, your business needs to employ the Technology Edge in the computing environment to add real value and eliminate the reasons for Shadow IT, your Organization’s IT Infrastructure needs to be more than sufficient to fulfill your business objectives and increase your staff productivity. Thus, it is wise to partner with the right IT solutions provider, and that would be KLENKA.

We are top experts in what we do, and we have been doing it for over 16 years in Egypt and UAE. Most of all, we are passionate of what we are achieving and will achieve.

Our successful partnerships bring you the globally top performing and proven IT solutions.

Our experienced team is capable of tailoring smart solutions according to your needs and budget.
Our products are versatile, as well as reputable, and are sure to extensively add to the value of your organization.

We possess sound and potent skills in the core fields of Digital Transformation.


Reliable Computing Infrastructure

From Mouse to Data Center, your devices and their management systems need to be the state of the art solutions. Your Applications, Data, Virtual Machines, and Systems will need a strong hardware solution that offers:

  • Reliability, down-time is down to close to zero.
  • Durability, professional and responsive support with extendable warranty.
  • Flexibility, support to several systems, platforms and 3rd party firmware.
  • Scalability, availability of upgrade and capacity increase to support your future business expansions.
  • Employability, installed on different workplace and work scenarios from factory assembly lines, open spaces, shop floors, modern offices, and workshops.

For that end, KLENKA brings Fujitsu's top global solutions in the field.

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Efficient Business Processes

For your organization to be successful, processes need to be clear, streamlined and error proof. Thus, as much as possible of your workflows need to be automated. redundant and repeated processes need to be lifted off the back of your talented employees. In this regard, you can:

  • Increase responsiveness to client needs to enhance their life-cycle qualification speed and success rate.
  • Decrease the need for Office Spaces, saving significant investments in Cap-ex and Op-ex.
  • Soften the burden of your human resources and focus only on talent-needing tasks.
  • Employ innovative solutions that your teams will find comfortable and easy to use.

Therefore, KLENKA brings you Nintex's intelligent solution that 8000+ clients, including Amazon and LinkedIn, rely upon. Without jeopardizing your currently used systems such as CRM or ERP.

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Formidable Security Shields

In the contemporary era of mobility, huge data flows and their pertaining security threats, it is vital to protect your data against the ever increasing hazards. Your organization needs a security solution that can:

  • Safeguard against every known threat at the time being.
  • Update real time on any upcoming threats.
  • Integrate with every device and application that your users operate on.
  • Detect suspicious behavior actively and provide on-time response
  • Respond decisively to any breach and recover fast.
  • Does not hinder the smoothness of your business operations.

The guardianship of TrendMicro is well suited for this task, and professionally handled by KLENKA.

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Elegant and Fast Portal Interface

Your Organization's Internet presence need to leave the right impression to all stakeholders including customers, investors, suppliers, and even target talents for recruitment. Hence, your Enterprise Portal is wise to be:

  • Visually Appealing
  • User-friendly
  • Fast browsing
  • Comfortable to use CMS
  • Minimal Down-time
  • Responsive to all Devices and Browsers

KLENKA excels in using Umbraco and SharePoint platforms to create state-of-the-art Enterprise Portals.

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Digital Transformation is Inevitable ..

We make it Profitable

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