KLENKA partners with Commvault: How can you make use of that to make your organization "Data Ready"?


KLENKA has established a new partnership with Commvault, the long time leader in Data Center Backup and Recovery solutions according to Gartner. Now in Egypt, your data management, security, migration, protection and scaling is provided for with the top innovative solutions, including the novel Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform. Organizations are increasingly relying on cloud and multi-cloud for the safety of their data. Commvault provides a variety of services that make cloud computing a much safer, efficiently manageable IT activity. in times of Big Data and great risk for data loss and you need a powerful solution to ensure your systems are immune against disasters and ransomware attacks, while ever redy for more expansion into cloud and hybrid IT. For that end, KLENKA is very picky on its choice of partners and that is why we are positive that this is the right partnership for your specific business needs. Now, the world-class services of Commvault is provided by KLENKA in Egypt.