When it comes to processing your data on a full scale of virtual machines system where users are heavily connected, the server and its governing system counts the most. You need to employ the edge of technology. What better could it be if not for the Japanese technology that is made in Germany?



Experience Efficiency and Agility in you general computing functions with the quality and innovative PRIMERGY x86 server family. Boost your IT with the redundant and expandable Mono/Dual-Socket Tower servers for any office use. While Mono/Dual/Quad-Socket Rack Servers expandability can take on your business expansions with high performance. Your intense computing, clouding, virtualization and analytics are robustly handled by Multi-Node Servers CX Enclosure and Nodes.


PRIMEQUEST Business/Mission-Critical Servers

The business continuity is not an issue of concern anymore if your organization is equipped with PRIMEQUEST, the best solutions for Business-Critical and Mission Critical Servers employed by top organizations around the world.