Commvault is the global leader of Data Backup and Recovery solutions provider for 9 straight surveys of Gartner.  Providing a range of services in Data Proteciton, Data Governance, and Critical Workload Protection. As well as managing Cloud Data and Migration, Disaster Recovery, Hybrid IT, Security and Compliance, and Virtualization.

All Commvault Solutions and Products are provided in Egypt by KLENKA. See the Products for more details:


BR: Backup & Recovery

Safeguard your data against Loss scenarios. Eliminate segregated data silos, avoid missing SLAs recovery and scale your data with ease. With automated discovery of new datasets and friendly web-based user interface. Recover your file systems, applications, data bases, virtual machines, containers, cloud-native SaaS and Endpoints.


DR: Disaster Recovery

A very simple solution for replication of data, recovery from disasters and compliance reporting. Including Built-in, end-to-end encryption, including at rest and in flight. DR provides fast snapshots of virtual machines and applications. With powerful ransomware protection and periodic scan of replicas. You can easily scale out to accommodate massive data growth.


Hedvig: Distributed Storage Platform

Tired of data infrastructure fragmentation? perform cloud-like strategy across your applications and infrastructure. Hedvig is the optimum Distributed Storage Platform for Software Defined Storage SDS that can virtualize private and hybrid cloud storage. Manage all your backup storage tools (Commvault or others) and assign workload wisely.


Metallic: SaaS Backup & Recovery

Harness the simplicity and rapid deployment of SaaS for your backup & recovery needs. With effortless scalability from 1 to over 10,000 TBs in automated daily backups Metallic performs Data isolation, for highly available, air-gapped immutable backups, and provides Core, Office 365 and Endpoint Backup and Recovery.


Activate: Data Governance

Make sense of your data by the insightful analysis of "Activate". This will enable you to increase data storage efficiency, reduce risks and respond rapidly for compliance issues. "Activate" analyzes, visualizes and acts upon the insights across your primary and secondary data to highlight sensitive sets. Optimize data storage by eliminating duplications, obsolete and redundant data. While integrating data export for performing compliance and legal response.


HyperScale X

HS reduces your cloud costs by managing Data workloads and scale out your cloud only as per your needs. Optimize scalability up to 5 PB with active detection of data anomalies and ransomware activities. HS provides automatic load balancing, enhanced RPO, and reduced RTO.