Our technology is at the heart of all our IT solutions.

Being in an IT field, we understand the need of up to date, modern technologies in the ever evolving, rapidly changing world. That is the reason why that at Klenka’s, we try our best to use the most sophisticated, reliable and innovative technologies in all our solutions. This is the Klenka Way.

We've devoted substantial resources since the foundation of our company to build our in-house technologies as well as strengthen our knowledge on reputable third party applications which are used to assist and empower our solutions. We have enhanced our technological structure to establish our IT solutions on versatile systems that facilitate fast progression and implementation of applications and making use of a mix of proprietary technologies and certified third-party programs.

We have utilized a number of major technology service companies to help us in offering our solutions.

Our organization demands swift and superior service which is the reason why we offer a number of our programs and systems to our clients over the internet. We implement meticulously developed operational processes, top notch software development techniques and strict quality assurance practices while building our engineering systems, in an effort to offer versatility and efficiency while guaranteeing high degrees of accessibility, stability, scalability, extensibility and effectiveness.

Internet, Intranet Portals

We have improved our capability to develop web solutions that could be managed without having to invest resources for building expertise over certain system infrastructure whilst simultaneously maintaining control and transparency by employing a top cloud management system to build web-solutions that are portable throughout distributed systems.

At the heart of our solutions program is our content management system which help in your consumer and transactional details. The production database preserves data relating to the clients with your company and a variety of additional data items, such as member data and item data. With our in-house content management systems, apart from Microsoft SharePoint, our ability has been increased due to the utilization of online analytical processing application that is used to get records from the system. We build all our web portals and intranet systems using well known, popular and effective systems. They are


Software infrastructure

We offer implementation and installation services for systems virtualization and cloud solutions using highly sophisticated programs such as Microsoft hyper-v , VMWare and Citrix.

All these products come bundled with amazing features such as server virtualization, desktop delivery and application, etc.

Cloud services

Our cloud solutions are hosted by using the services provided by some of the major service providers in this field, with whom we can request processing power, storage space, get access to a collection of flexible IT system services with respect to our business requirements and specifications. We have carried out the use of programs that offer a completely redundant data storage system for saving and retrieving significant amounts of data, programs that offer processing capability on a scalable and pay per use structure; resources that offer a hosted queue for saving information as they move amongst computers, to develop automated work-flow between web solutions and other modules which will work in conjunction with one another to run queries on organized data in real-time.

On cloud solutions, we primarily focus on implementing and installing

SQL2005 - SQL 2008 SQL 2012
Exchange 2010
SharePoint 2010, 2012

Apart from this, we also take care of failover clustering, high availability, disaster recovery, among many other cloud solutions.

IP Telephony

At Klenka, we offer asterisk IP telephony, which is one of the most popular and highly regarded IP telephony options.