Our Team

Klenka IT solutions although a new and emerging company is composed of a team of highly experienced and skilled engineers. With years of experience working at top companies in USA and UK, our team members are equipped with the expertise to handle all your IT solutions and bring about a turnaround in your project, leading you onto the path to success.

All of us at Klenka are MICROSOFT CERTIFIED professionals in both infrastructure and development fields with almost 10 years of experience in average, while youngest of our team members has 6 years of experience. In addition, with most of us being relatively young at around early thirties, we have both the drive and the energy needed to make sure any project we undertake succeeds with flying colors.

All members of our team are equipped with Computer Science and Engineering degrees from Cairo University and other prestigious colleges, thus substantiating our educational qualifications. We have also worked as software consultants, network administrators, project managers and systems developers and thus have the experience in handling big projects as well as critical and sensitive data.