Our Desktop support solution CRSD (Centralized Remote Support and Deployment )

By CRSD you support opertaion support is Awsome easier we able you to provide total desktop supprt on your organaization with the highle valuable following features
  • Zero-Client “Clientless” centralized control
  • Enterprise integration allowing coexistence and expansion of the solution across large enterprises
  • Minimizing the number of Helpdesk/Desktop support technicians at the branch offices
  • Ensuring near real-time end user support in desktop related issues
  • Ensuring top quality of helpdesk/desktop support delivered to the end users by utilizing the most experienced technicians/engineers available in the main/HQ site
  • Maximizing the users efficiency through minimizing/eliminating their disturbance by longer downtime while waiting to some technicians to fix their issues
  • Bare-metal fast OS deployment to huge number of multi-physical distributed machines with the help of parallel deploy and support
  • Minimizing the needed time to restore/initialize desktop functionality through remote cloning the OS with its preinstalled and configured apps/services
  • Remotely supporting complex desktop issues even if in OS totally failure scenarios without any user interaction and technicians visit
  • Remotely recovering of users deleted files or removing viruses without the need of a running OS